Friday, October 23, 2009

Eli's Halloween and Family pictures

Our friend took some more family photos a couple of weeks ago. She does a great job!!! Check them out at

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Someday I'll laugh about this,but today is not that day.

Eli decided to drink my perfume tonight. Since I will be up for the next 4 hours watching him, I decided to blog.

Eli drank about 25 mL of Celine Dion perfume. He was acting all loopy and falling over, not being able to hold his sippy cup, etc. So I called poison control and they told me that because it had only been about 10 minutes and he already was acting loopy that it would be a good idea to take him in to the E.R. just to make sure.

We weren't there long, which I am sooooooooo grateful for. The Dr. came in and talked to us about what the effects were (high blood sugar and alcohol level). He said that if it was child he wouldn't do blood tests on him because they would treat it all the same way no matter what the tests showed. So we opted out of doing blood tests. We felt comfortable with this since we are only 3-5 minute drive to the hospital.

The Dr. said that he will be extremely hyper because of the blood sugar level and that he would be acting like he was drunk. We are suppose to watch him tonight and make sure that he isn't rolling over and suffocating, or vomiting. Everything is going well right now.. He's sleep on my lap and acting ok.

For some good news (what I was planning on posting today )

Eli is getting to be a little boy now, not just a baby. He has now figured out how to climb on top of the stove and freezer. He can point to any body part, if we ask him where it is. He says new words: eye lash, trees, knees, all done. Eli is getting so big, running anywhere and everywhere he goes. He loves going to the park with his grammy now that it is getting cooler during the day. We usually take him to the park for family night because he loves it so much. We have a little park up the road that has a special playground for toddlers that is just his size, so it is a lot easier to let him run and play knowing that is he falls it isn't too far from the ground.