Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Uncle Matt's Pictures of Annie

Matt took some great pictures of Annie. These are when she was 2 weeks old.


Annie was born on October 21, 2011 (I know this post is a few days late :0). My delivery was very quick and not expected on this day. I had been to my doctor on Tuesday and was still at a 2 (had been there for a couple of weeks), my doctor said see you next week. Friday night I woke up about midnight (right as John got in to bed) and my water had broke. We called the hospital and they said I can come in within the hour. So I showered, shaved my legs, looked at the list of all the stuff I was going to do Saturday to get ready,packed Eli a little bag, and dropped him off at Grandma Colleen's . Anyway, once I got to the my hospital room they said do you want the epideral? Sure as heck do!!! The guy came in and then got called to an emergency c-section so he hooked me up and gave me a little bit for pain, then had to come back in to finish it up. I ended up with epiderals because the first one only numbed my right side, not fun at all. Once I got the second one in, life was fantastic! Annie got here at 9:24 AM.
Here are some pictures of the delivery day: