Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Eli Feeding the Ducks

Somebody does not want to leave

Daddy and Eli

Taking a break on the branch of a tree

This picture was right before Eli tried to walk on air and fell off

Watching two Swans

Trying to throw the bread

Eli by the duck crossing sign

We took Eli to feed the ducks at the cemetary tonight. He actually did throw some bread to the ducks this time and only ate a few pieces for himself.


  1. At the cemetary, huh? Couldn't you have found a more cheery place in that town? He looks so big. I can't wait until you bring him home.

  2. He shared his bread this time? Wow!! He's getting so big...that haircut really grew him up. Can't wait to see you guys. Keep having fun :o)