Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hand, Foot and Mouth

Okay, if my child gets one more childhood disease......So Eli has now had the following: Roseola, Fifth's Disease, and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. His latest, causes blisters to form on his, you guessed it, Hands, Feet and Mouth. He woke up one morning and had little bumps on his bottom. I thought that it just might be his new underwear cause him a little irritation. The next morning he woke up and had these spots all over his feet and legs. By the afternoon, he had them around his mouth and on his little hands. So I called the doctor, and he wnated us to come in since we were leaving on vacation in a few days and wouldn't be back for awhile.
The doctor came right in and said it was Hand, Foot and Mouth.
Apparently, it usually starts with a high fever with the bumps occuring a few days later. Eli never had the fever. Eli started out with just the bumps, but a few days after we went to the doctor, he began to get the blisters. His hands got wrapped so they wouldn't pop. He had to wear his "slippalas" (slippers) for a few days on his feet because his shoes gave him "owies". Poor boy!
He is now on the up side, the spots are gone. A few of his blisters on his toes are still there, popped, but still hurt him a little. These are pictures from when he first started getting the bumps and blisters.


  1. Poor little guy, when Kyden was in daycare he got that and it sucked.

  2. I got Fifth's Disease when I was 16 - that was lousy. Bummer your little guy gets so many illnesses. I imagine it would be so much harder at that age because you don't understand what is going on!