Monday, June 8, 2009

After Eli got out of the car....
Our family with the nice guy who came and unlocked the car for free!!  (because there was a baby in the car)
getting it unlocked
not such a happy camper right here
This picture was before Eli realized that he was trapped in the car all by himself

This past weekend we took a family trip up north to Logan.  We spent time visiting with family up there.  The day we left, Eli got locked in the car!  Yes, that's right, a car that supposedly has a child safety feature.  (it's not suppose to lock if the keys are inside)  I was very upset, but my mom took pictures because she said that someday I would want to scrapbook this event in his life.  Both John and I are VERY grateful that we found out this feature doesn't work when we were up in Logan on a day it was cool outside, rather than in St. George.  


  1. Let's hear it for the photographer! (And the locksmithÜ)

  2. LOL, I am still dying that your mom was snapping pictures! Your family is the greatest! I love how the guy that unlocked the car posed with you guys too...classic! It was so fun seeing you and your family yesterday. Hopefully we can see you again soon!

  3. Oh man I totally know what you was going through. I did the same thing with Kyden when he was two. When it happened to me it was winter I felt so bad. Glad that everything went well with it.

  4. Okay so a little scary but funny too! I'm glad it wasn't too hot of a day. That is funny that the lock guy posed in a picture with you guys. I'm sure you will look back and laugh! Good job Coleen for taking pictures. :)

  5. Lauren I need your blog and Lacie i need yours too if you are going private