Saturday, June 27, 2009

The pictures at the park were after we went to the zoo, but I accidently put them on backwards....:0)
We went to the Blank Park Zoo today in Des Moines. Eli was able to feed a giraffe and able to ride on a camel. Eli's favorite thing was riding on the train to see the animals, but he liked walking around the zoo too. Here are some pictures of Eli's first trip to the zoo. After the zoo we stopped at McDonald's to get something to eat, and then we went to teh park.


  1. I looks like you had a great time! All Eli needed was a cowboy hat and a rope to look right at home on that camel ;o)

  2. How fun! Ashlyn loved the giraffe's when we took her to the zoo. I wish we would have been able to feed them too. You guys look great on the camel. I wish we had a zoo around here that let you interact with the animals so much.